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moving house

15.05.09 - 17:14 -

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The question poses no problem for one of my friends. She is always on the move. For as long as I have known her she has never lived in the same place for more than two years.
When you have to or want to move with an animal it is a different story. There is the usual paperwork involved, but with good timing and planning it doesn’t have to be a nightmare.
For pet owners there is an additional, very important aspect to consider: the rules and regulations of communities and developments. Before you sign any paper or pass any money, go and see the President of the Community. If you are not completely fluent in Spanish ask your solicitor to find out. Whatever you do make sure that you get everything in writing.
Don’t let happen to you what happened to a good friend of ours. He sold his house and moved into a garden apartment with his two cats, only to be told that animals were not allowed. The cats had to go into a cattery for a long time and at high costs and our friend sold his place as quickly as he could and well under the price he had paid for it. Dogs will usually settle quickly, but many cat owners are worried about them and fear they might go back to the old place. It does happen, but it is very rare. Some people keep their cats in for weeks. It is not a good idea if your cat is used to freedom of movement. He will associate the new place as restricted and once let out you will have a task convincing him to come back. Keep him in for a couple of hours so he can get acquainted with the new smells. Don’t feed him! Let him out and keep an eye on him. After a couple of hours place food and his sleeping quarters in a prominent position. Once he is used to his new surroundings you can move them to their permanent position. Animals sense that something is in the air and can get very restless. Ask a friend to look after them whilst you get organised or book them into a kennel or cattery.
It gives you the freedom to move without having to worry about them.

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