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Ladies in White

Of the 75 dissidents who were arrested during Black Spring in 2003, 54 remain imprisoned
10.03.09 - 11:07 -

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Three members of a group comprising relatives of Cuban political prisoners were arrested in Havana during an event to mark International Women's Day, the organization Spanish Solidarity with Cuba said on Monday.
The Spanish NGO is demanding the release of Ladies in White members Maritza Castro, Neris Castillo and Ivon Malleza.
"The relatives of the prisoners of conscience were newly repressed by State Security agents who tried to impede the participation of several of them in an event held March 8 in commemoration of International Women's Day," the NGO said in a statement sent to Efe.
The Spanish group also complained that other relatives of prisoners of conscience "were prevented from leaving their homes."
The Ladies in White, in an earlier communique, denounced "the persecution and harassment" they continue to receive from Cuban authorities.
According to the Spanish NGO, the Ladies are organizing activities for March 17-22 within "the framework of the sixth anniversary of the repressive wave known as Black Spring ... to demand the release of the prisoners of conscience in Cuba."
"Spanish Solidarity with Cuba supports the activities organized in favor of the prisoners of conscience and demands the immediate release of the Ladies in White arrested last Sunday," the communique continues.
Of the 75 dissidents who were arrested during Black Spring in 2003, 54 remain imprisoned.
"Spanish Solidarity with Cuba calls for the unconditional release of all of them and of the rest of the Cuban prisoners of conscience," the group said in the communique.

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