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14.08.08 - 14:21 -

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Military teams triumph in the Gibraltar Triathlon
CBF (Commodore Matt Parr) completes the running phase. His team came 6th.
In hot humid conditions, a big crowd of athletes and onlookers turned out at Eastern Beach on Sunday for the Gibraltar Triathlon. Local military athletes excelled in this, the eighth running of this swimming/cycling/running race.
After a children's event involving nearly twenty competitors, the adult race began with a 300 metre sea-swim, followed by a 10 kilometre cycle race around the airport runway. The final element of the event was a 2.5 kilometres road race. Whilst some three-man teams entered with a specialist swimmer, a specialist cyclist and a specialist runner, some hardy individuals completed the whole course on their own.
B Company of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment won the team competition and duly collected their trophy from His Excellency the Governor. Private Nicky Podesta (swimming), Corporal Derek Barbara (cycling) and Private Aaron Bagu (running) all put in excellent performances. ‘Each of the three events was really a long sprint,’ said Derek Barbara, ‘So it was very hard on the lungs.’
Behind B Company, another military team, comprising Warrant Officer Class 1 ‘Dougie’ Douglas, Chief Petty Officer ‘Scouse’ Vernon and Chief Petty Officer Rex Turnbull, all of HQBF, came in second.
The individual competition was won by Private Richard Blagg of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment. ‘Of the three disciplines, swimming is toughest part of the race for me,’ said Richard. ‘Cycling and running are my two main sports and, in September, I’m hoping to be entered for an Army Triathlon in UK.’
Special mention should also be made of Colour Sergeant Mark Cooper and Leading Logistics Peter Davies, both of whom work at the Rooke Officers Mess. They were each sponsored to complete the individual race for the Big Salute charity and, together, they raised over £650.
In all, a triumphant triathlon for the military competitors.

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