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Media group Vocento restructures its operations in Malaga
Jesús Alloza Moya will coordinate the firm’s multimedia interests which include TV, internet and printed editions
10.05.08 - 10:53 -
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Juan Soto Bermúdez (Malaga, 1952), until now Director General of Prensa Malagueña S. A., has been appointed Director of the Vocento group’s newspapers in Andalucía and Levante. As part of the general restructuring of the media group at top level, Juan Soto will be responsible for the Andalusian dailies, ‘SUR’, ‘Ideal’ and ‘La Voz de Cadiz’ as well as ‘Las Provincias’ of Valencia and ‘La Verdad’ in Murcia. He will also form part of Vocento’s Executive Committee.
Juan Soto’s professional career has been linked to SUR for the last 40 years. He became Director General in 1984 and since then he has overseen the launch of SUR in English and more recently SUR Deutsche Ausgabe, as well as the introduction of the web versions of the publications.
Replacing Juan Soto at the helm of Prensa Malagueña is Jesús Alloza Moya (Zaragoza, 1965), who will coordinate the firm’s multimedia interests which include TV (Canal Málaga), radio (Punto Radio) and internet as well as the printed editions. Alloza has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Lincoln (UK) and his professional career has seen him in top management positions in firms such as Barpimo S. A. and Leroy Merlín, before he became Director General of publishers Nueva Rioja S.A., part of the Vocento group, in 2002.