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What to do in Andalusia

An abstract art exhibition promises to help people to relax during inland 'feria' celebrations
July 16th marks the festival of the Virgen del Carmen; nowadays this date has become more than a day dedicated to a patron saint and holds a special significance for all those whose life and work are linked to the sea.
Joaquín Cortés will be performing his latest show, 'Gitano' at the tennis courts of the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella
Macharaviaya celebrates American Independence Day with a tribute to Bernardo de Gálvez
The work of one of the most prominent and esteemed artists in contemporary Parisian art is now being hosted in Malaga over the summer
The town will be celebrating the 20th edition of its arts festival from 31 July until 14 August
Nat King Cole’s 'little' brother will be playing at the Alhaurín de la Torre jazz festival next weekend
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The Malaga gallery’s new exhibition is a retrospective of some of the great artists who have passed through its exhibition rooms
Everyone knows about the pilgrimage route, but this region has much more to offer
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