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What to do in Andalusia

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Walking on water
Paddle surfing is becoming popular off the beaches of Malaga, because it is suitable for people of all ages and does not require a particular level of fitness
A scenic train route in the mountains has been revived as a tourist attraction
Malaga?s numerous rooftop terraces attract different clientele, each offering a unique atmosphere and view
The Greek capital makes for a deliciously unconventional, and monumental city break
star wars
Cinemas in the province of Malaga had to triple the number of midnight screenings on Thursday in order to meet the huge demand
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The majestic Mallorcan capital, a favourite for Spanish royalty, is once again an urban destination of choice for those who love the Mediterranean
In the summer the town of Gouda, in the Netherlands, holds its famous cheese markets, a great way to discover the traditions behind this delicious and familiar product
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