Aaron sows his artistic garden at La Coracha

Aaron is exhibiting around 100 works in La Coracha.
Aaron is exhibiting around 100 works in La Coracha. / Ñito Salas
  • The Cadiz artist is exhibiting a large series of paintings based on the idea of a domestic garden

An extract from Voltaire's Candide - in which Martin laments the futility of life and fate and Candide concludes "That is well said, but we must cultivate our garden" (suggesting self discipline is needed to confront a world in constant threat of collapse) - was the inspiration for the exhibition Yo Soy Mi Jardín.

"Gardens are a legacy that outlive all of us. You will see the remains of pruning, fig trees, the explosion of spring and the withdrawal of autumn." That's how Aaron describes his exhibition, which will run at CAC Málaga's exhibition space at La Coracha until 4 April. The exhibition consists of a series of paintings created in 2020 in the artist's own garden.

The artist has previously exhibited at the Galería JM and has returned to painting in oils after a period concentrating on sculpture and art installations. However he recognises the limitations of this medium and therefore has executed just ten paintings showing the leftovers after pruning strewn across a concrete surface. In this way he hopes to convey "the abandonment of the waste material that has been allowed to fall and not on the beauty of the subject".

"This exhibition is about the finite time we dedicate to things and beings. For 15 years I have lived among briar roses and wild olive trees, among granite and slate rocks," explained the artist, whose walks with his dog around his residence in the mountains of Seville have become the starting point of the work he is now showing at the CAC.