The show must go on!

Mac Chakaveh (left) and actors at the awards ceremony last year.
Mac Chakaveh (left) and actors at the awards ceremony last year. / SUR
  • Marbella's International Film Festival will be held online for the first time in its 15 year history

Fans of the Marbella International Film Festival (MIFF) will swap the silver screens for their computer screens this year due to Covid-19 and restrictions.

The popular event, which started last Wednesday and runs until 11 November, will screen its entire catalogue of 30 films on its website.

In previous years the event attracted hundreds of movie buffs and famous British actors to the Teatro Goya in Puerto Banús. However, the festival's director told SUR in English that the event will be back next year. Mac Chakaveh, said: "Unfortunately many businesses have gone under, but certainly MIFF is not disappearing. We are hoping to do an awards ceremony for the winners of this year's event in the New Year in Marbella as soon as they open the doors."

To watch the movies from this year's event, viewers will need to pay a £30 subscription fee on the website.

However, Mac also mentioned that during the lockdown the Grounded Film Festival was launched, which is free to view on the website.

This has provided many up and coming filmmakers an opportunity to showcase budget films made during the lockdown.

Mac added: "It's a fun thing to watch and we've had hundreds of films sent to us from all over the world. It shows what everybody has been up to during the lockdown."

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