Two stars of Malaga's music scene added to International Jazz Festival line-up

The Cuban Jazz syndicate will be performing at the festival.
The Cuban Jazz syndicate will be performing at the festival. / SUR
  • Saxophonist Enrique Oliver and bassist Francis Posé join a list of great jazz musicians for the festival which now must start an hour earlier

The Malaga International Jazz Festival will take place from 6 to 11 November and will include great soundtracks by composer and double bassist Kyle Eastwood, fusion with flamenco roots with pianist Chano Domínguez and the multi-instrumentalist and singer Diego Amador, the contralto voice of Robin McKelle and the Latin rhythm of The Cuban Jazz Syndicate.

They will also now be joined by two well-known Malaga instrumentalists, saxophonist Enrique Oliver with his new sextet, and double bassist Francis Posé accompanied by Cuban pianist Daniel Amat.

The final line-up displays a wide stylistic arc in which hybrids between various genres are present.

As a result of new curfew instrictions brought in across the country, the concerts will now start at 7pm instead of 8pm as originally advertised.

Tickets cost between 24 and 30 euros per concert with discounts for bookings of more than four concerts. They are available from the Teatro Cervantes and Cine Albéniz.

For more information visit the theatre's website (