Creadores de Conciencia, Malaga
Creadores de Conciencia, Malaga

Exhibitions and art shows currently on along the Costa del Sol and inland

  • Malaga's museums and galleries exhibit a selection of art from both local and international artists, from Old Masters' oil paintings to the most contemporary canvases and sculptures. Many are offering virtual tours online.


Mesopotamian Art

Marbella Museo Archeológico Municipal.

The exhibition consists of various pieces from different periods in the history of ancient Mesopotamia. The collection is owned by Estepona resident and French arquitect, Jacques Cavro.

Exposición de Taller Grabado

Marbella Until 10 April. El Museo del Grabado Español Contempóraneo.

The exhibition includes art work from around thirty students and displays different techniques such as Mokulito and the use of a baren (a tool used in Japanese printing.)

Torremolinos Street Art

Torremolinos Street Art

Torremolinos Street Art

Torremolinos Caseta Municipal de Asociaciones.

The initiative includes workshops and activities for persons between 14 and 35. On 13 March there will be workshops on creating graffiti, urban dance and customising tee-shirts. To register email: or call: 659 870 542.

Tiempo de color

Torremolinos Until 7 March. Casa de los Navajas.

The exhibition by local artists Graciela Inés Valinoti and Sara Farias consists of 33 works, 18 by Graciela and 15 by Sara.

Cuerdas del Viento con Máscaras de Tiempo

Fuengirola Until 26 February. Casa de la Cultura.

Argentinian artist Luz Ortiz de Rozas is exhibiting a selection of her imaginative works.

Photography exhibition

MijasUntil 8 March. Casa Museo Mijas Pueblo

Open from 10am until 2pm, the exhibition ‘Pareidolia’ consists of photographs of nature by María Jesús Campos.

3D tour of museum

Coín Online.

The Centro Antonio Reyna Manescau has opened its doors to the whole world by creating a virtual tour of its exhibition rooms. Find the link halfway down the page:

Museo Revello de Toro

Tiempo de Color, Torremolinos

Tiempo de Color, Torremolinos

Malaga Closed Mondays. C/Afligidos.

Félix Revello de Toro is a distinguished Malaga artist. Around 117 of his works are on display in the museum which regularly holds workshops and art classes for children and adults. The temporary exhibition is entitled Revelo y la Transiciób Española and consists of ten works completed between 1978 and 1997. More information call:952062069 or email:

Fernando Clemente

Malaga Sala Coracha, behind the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal.

Around sixty works created over the last fifteen years by Fernando Clemente entitled I Love Pintura.

The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones

Malaga.Until 31 March 2021. Centro Cultural la Malagueta..

The exhibition consists of a collection of photographs taken by Terry O’Neill and Gered Mankowitz of the two legendary bands from the start of their careers and through their ‘boom’ years. There are also some photos taken by Baron Wolman and two documentaries, Eight Days A Week by Ron Howard and Charlie is My Darling by Peter Whitehead.

Malaga Picasso Museum

Malaga. Museo Picasso Málaga, C/San Agustín.

It is possible to see works from the Meret Oppenheim exhibition in the museum on the website under ‘exposiciones digitales’.

Collection. Dialogues with Picasso. Collection 2020-2023 is formed by 120 works by the artist. These include the cubist sculpture Glass of Absinthe (1914) and the painting Susanna and the Elders (1955).

James Turrell. Until June. The exhibition entitled Cherry, is an experiment with light, space and time.

Hilando Diseño. An enormous tapestry mural of colourful squares created by over five hundred students in primary and secondary schools, art and college students as well as vunerable adults in care homes in Malaga.

Metamorfosis. Until September. An exhibition of around one hundred paintings, ceramics, drawings and bronzes by artist Miguel Barceló will be on display.

The Russian Museum

Malaga. Edificio Tabacalera, Avda Sor Teresa Prat

Temporary exhibitions.The two temporary exhibitions currently held at the museum are Rompiendo el Silencio. El cine Mudo en Rusia (Breaking the Silence. Silent Film in Russia) and Andrèi Tarkovsky. Maestro del Espacio (Mast of Space). Andrèi Tarkovsky was one of the most influential Russian artists of the 20th century and forerunner of innovative techniques in the cinema of the time. In conjunction with this exhibition is a series of silent movies, with some of the most iconic Russian, Italian and American films available until 4 April 2021.

Annual exhibition. The current annual exhibition at the Russian museum features true-to-life works from the past three centuries. From still lifes of the 18th century to everyday scenes painted only a few months ago, the museum has created a tour consisting of 163 works in a succession of rooms. Until April 2021.

Centro Pompidou

Malaga. Muelle Uno.

Some of the exhibitions are available to view on the website

Dar la Cara.

Until 11 April 2021. The latest exhibition, Dar la Cara, consists of photos and videos by twenty-six artists. Classic portraits are mixed with contemporary and innovative styles, sometimes surreal and disquieting.

Nicolas de Staël.

Born in St Petersburg in 1914 but exiled in France, Staël exhibited for the first time in 1944. His abstract works reflect an austere and sombre time which gradually incorporate more light and colour towards 1952 when he adopted a more figurative style of painting.

From Miró to Barceló. The semi-permanent exhibition is entitled De Miró a Barceló. Un siglo de arte español. (A century of Spanish art). Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí and Luis Buñuel were precursors of new ways of seeing and creating and their legacy still lives on. This chronological journey through a century of Spanish art shows that the generation of contemporary artists has kept alive the spirit of the avant-garde with extraordinary energy.

Galería JM

Malaga Duquesa de Parcent, 12.

Selva de Tiempo, Galería JM

Selva de Tiempo, Galería JM

Selva de Tiempo is the title of the current exhibition at the gallery. It consists of works created by artist José Luís Valverde.

Galería Benedito

Malaga Calle Niño de Guevara.

The current exhibition of works by Juan Tenorio consists of a series of landscapes of New York and London full of colour and movement. They can be viewed as well as other art works on the gallery web site:

Fundación Unicaja

Malaga Centro Cultural Fundación Unicaja, Plaza del Obispo.

The XIV Certamen Fundación Unicaja de Artes Plásticas is a new exhibition of 35 works accquired by the Unicaja foundation.

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo


Pedro Cabrita Reis. Until 14 March. The Portuguese artist is exhibiting 224 works which include paintings, sculptures, drawings and pieces created with materials he has found.

AAron Until 4 April. Santiago Navarro, pseudonym AAron, is exhibiting Soy Mi Jardín, a collection of various pieces including videos and 60 art works completed during quarantine.

AAron, CAC Malaga

AAron, CAC Malaga

Thyssen Museum

Malaga. 9.30 - 2.30pm. 7 - 9pm Tuesday to Friday. 9.30am - 9pm Saturday and Sunday. C/Compañía .

Past collections of the Thyssen museum can be viewed online

Collection. A journey through mainly Spanish art from the Old Masters through to Romantic Landscape and Costumbrismo, Précieux Style and Naturalist Painting and Fin-de-Siècle.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot, La Térmica, Malaga.

Brigitte Bardot, La Térmica, Malaga.

Malaga. Until 6 June. La Térmica.

The new exhibition at La Térmica is a series of photographs of Brigitte Bardot taken during the filming of the French film Les Bijoutiers du clair de lune in 1957. It was directed by Roger vadim and many scenes were shot in various locations in Malaga province.

Museo Revello de Toro

Malaga. Closed Mondays. C/Afligidos.

Félix Revello de Toro is a distinguished Malaga artist. Around 117 of his works are on display in the museum which regularly holds workshops and art classes for children and adults. More information call:952062069 or email:

Eugenio Chicano

Malaga. Until 16 March. Casa Natal Picasso.

The first director of the Casa Natal Picasso, Eugenio Chicano, died in November 2019 leaving a substantial artistic legacy.The artist had dedicated some of his works to Picasso and the museum has selected some of these for an exhibition in his honour.

Paisajes Cotidianos

Malaga. Espacio Cero, Contenedor Cultural, Universitario de Málaga

British mother and son, Magaret Harris and Timsam Harding are exhibiting a selection of their works entitled Paisajes cotidianos (everyday views) while the father and husband, sculptor Robert Harding, has an exhibition in the garden of El Contenedor.

Robert Harding, Shinto

Malaga. Estudio de Ignacio del Río, Calle San Lorenzo

Around half a dozen of Harding’s creations are included in the exhibition which demonstrates this artist’s ability to combine industrial and natural elements in dynamic sculptures.

Manu Guayre

Malaga. Until 7 March. Casa Amarilla, C/Santos.

#Off Yellow is the title for a series of irreverent works in the style of poster art by young Catalan artist Manu Guayre.

Creadores de Consciencia

Malaga. Until 19 March. Salas Mingorance, Archivo

Being With Trees, Gibraltar.

Being With Trees, Gibraltar.

Municipal y Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de Málaga.

An exhibition by 40 journalists consisting of 120 photographs which reflect on the situations which connect with the conscience of the viewer. The photos have all been published in major newspapers around the world and feature some upsetting scenes in far away places such as Syria, Colombia, Venezuela, Iraq and Egypt and others closer to home.

Being with Trees

Gibraltar. Until 13 March. Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery.

This exhibition, entitled ‘Being with Trees’, will showcase around 100 works from over 40 artists.These form part of the internationally acclaimed group of artists The Arborealists, also featuring the Urban Contemporaries with some Gibraltar artists. Email:

Sobre la Mujer

Rincón de la Victoria. Until 8 March. La Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana.

Twenty-eight art works in different styles and media all on the theme of women.

Francisco Martín Molina

Nerja. Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 2.30pm. C/Pintada 27.

The exhibition of art by Francisco Martín Molina is now open to the public. More information on Facebook: Exposición Francisco Martín, Calle Pintada.