Recreating the work of the Grand Masters, in the lounge

The Sick Bacchus, and Eugine Hrotchuk's version.
The Sick Bacchus, and Eugine Hrotchuk's version. / SUR
  • The Escuela de Arte San Telmo de Málaga has launched a social media project encouraging people to recreate iconic works of art

People are looking for ways to relieve the boredom of social distancing and quarantine and one of the more creative ideas has been to try and replicate a famous work of art by just using family members (including the very youngest) and items found around the house.

The concept was picked up by Malaga's San Telmo Art School which launched a project to let the imagination run free without leaving home. The project looks at social networks (Instagram and Facebook) and encourages all users to recreate a work of art without leaving home and then share it with others.

The school explained on its Instagram account, "From the San Telmo School of Art we want to encourage you to put into practice a creative exercise that is already a tradition in our centre and in which everyone can participate: Pictorialism. It is about reinterpreting a work of art with the condition that it has to be done at home and with the available materials."

The first art work to 'come to life' was recreated by the School's Graphic Design teacher, Lula Linares, who recreated The Arnolfini Portrait (1434), a work by Jan van Eyck that represents the merchant Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife Giovanna Cenami.

Lula Linares' example was followed by illustrator and designer Eugine Hrotchuk, who chose Caravaggio's Sick Bacchus (1593-94). "The Sick Bacchus is one of the first paintings by Caravaggio, probably painted for his master Giuseppe Cesari," informs the school.

Among the most recent additions to San Telmo's initiative comes a self-portrait, this one by Gustave Courbet, reinterpreted by Manolo Martínez; a Piet Mondrian composition by Exento Desing; and Magritte's The Lovers, seen through the eyes of @sr._inquieto.

To view the contributions to the project, open Instagram and enter Escuela de Arte San Telmo.