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Picasso museum, Malaga.
Picasso museum, Malaga. / SUR
  • A round-up of art exhibitions currently open to the public in southern Spain

Costa del Sol

Marcos Barrientos Soriano.

Marbella. Until 31 January. Galería Columna JM.

The gallery is hosting a collection of works by artist Marcos Barrientos Soriano.

Photograph exhibition.

San Pedro de Alcántara. Until 14 February. Centro Cultural Trapiche de Guadaiza.

Thirty five photographs taken by students at the Arte and Culture workshop in San Pedro will be on display.

Seoane. Retratos.

Marbella. Until 22 May 2021. Museo Ralli Marbella.

The temporary exhibition is by Galician-Argentinian artist Luis Seoane.

Emmanuel Lafont

Luis  Seoane, Museo Ralli.

Luis Seoane, Museo Ralli.

Marbella. Until 29 February. Galería Yusto/Giner, C/Madera.

La Gran Luz is the title of this exhibition of recent photographs in large format by Argentinian artist Emmanuel Lafont at the Yusto/Giner gallery.

Picasso ceramics

Mijas. Permanent exhibition. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo.

An exhibition of 44 ceramics created by famous Malaga artist, Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Manuel Viola Figueras

Mijas. Until 3 February. Casa Museo de Mijas.

Around the galleries

/ Manuel Viola.

The exhibition of photographs is entitled Etiopía, Ortodoxia Inmóvil and consists of a series of monochrome photographs taken by the artist in Ethiopia.

Art in Action

Benahavís. 2 February, 12-5pm. Gran Hotel Benahavís..

This year the art exhibition will be in the reception area and in the covered walkways. It will include works by thirty artists with different styles and media. There will also be a Young Artists Competition and Art Workshop led by professional artist Paco Alarcón for younger children. All ages can take part in the Start A Novel competition and there will be music and dance and virtual reality rides.

First Round The World Trip

First Round The World Trip..

First Round The World Trip..

Mijas. Until 3 February. Patio de las Fuentes, Mijas Town Hall.

Twenty-nine information panels and seven model ships reconstruct the journey that Magellan and Elcano made around the world. The exhibition underlines the importance of 16th century Seville as an Atlantic port and how the first round-the-world trip changed the course of world history

Malaga city


Calder-Picasso. / SUR

The Use of Space, Calder-Picasso

Malaga. Until 2 February. Museo Picasso Málaga.

A joint exhibition explores the use of space by two famous artists, the American sculptor Alexander Calder and Malaga’s Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Exile and Nostalgia

Malaga. Until 2 February. Museo Casa Natal Picasso (birth house).

‘Exilo y nostalgia. Dibujos inéditos y libros ilustrados de Picasso en la Colección de la familia Arias’ consists of a collection of writings, paintings and drawings, many of them on newspaper pages, that form part of the legacy left by Eugenio Arias. Arias and Picasso met and became friends while both were in exile in France and shared a common interest, bullfighting.

Ernst Kraft

Malaga. La Concepción botanical gardens.

A sculpture ‘The Tree of Life’ by Ernst Kraft is on permanent display in the gardens on the lawns next to the pond. The minimalist structure of iron rods is five metres tall and is based on the pre-pharaonic pictogram representing the union of heaven and the underworld.

Modern Utopias

Malaga. Until 26 January. Centre Pompidou, Muello Uno.

‘Modern Utopias’ is an exhibition reflecting the historical events that have defined our time and fed the imagination of modern and contemporary artists.

Pierre Alechinsky.

Pierre Alechinsky. / SUR

Pierre Alechinsky

Malaga. Until 12 April. Centre Pompidou, Muelle Uno.

The exhibition consists of 75 works covering nearly 70 years of the career of Belgian artist and printer Pierre Alechinsky. He is well known for his ability to play with humour, poetry and aesthetic and his passion for Chinese ink and antique paper.


Malaga. Until 24 January. La Casa Amarilla.

Rebecca Vilches takes us on a journey for the senses in which we follow the protagonists on their escape from negativity.

Malaga Glass Museum

Malaga. Permanent exhibition. Plazuela Santísimo Cristo de la Sangre.

The glass museum has has an extensive collection of glass including two glass panels that have been painstakingly restored, made by the Spanish company Mauméjean.

Imagination Museum

Malaga. Permanent exhibition. Calle Martínez Campos 13, Soho.

Toys, drawings, contraptions and sets which explore science, the senses and how we perceive things.

Sorolla Tierra Adentro

Sorolla, Tierra Adentro.

Sorolla, Tierra Adentro. / SALVADOR SALAS

Malaga. Until 30 January. Palacio Episcopal.

A display of more than 100 works by Joaquín Sorolla featuring landscapes and characters far removed from his usual seaside scenes.


Malaga. Until 2 February. Sala Noble, Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga

Around 30 images by Mariano Fortuny created when he was experimenting with different techniques. Many have never been catalogued before.

Arabian Fantasy

Arabain Fantasy, Museo Carmen Thyssen.

Arabain Fantasy, Museo Carmen Thyssen.

Malaga. Until 1 March. Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga.

‘Arabian Fantasy’ is the title of a new exhibition consisting of works by Fortuny, Tapiró, Fabrés, Lameyer, Delacroix, Benjamin-Constant and Dehodencq with the common theme of Arabic life or how it was romantically depicted by artists in the 19th century.

Drácula X Drácula

Malaga. Until 2 February 2020. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC). Open Tues-Sun 9am-9pm and third Monday of each month.

This exhibition consists of 61 works by 56 artists around the theme of a legendary ice-lolly.

The Butterfly Effect

Malaga. Until 31 January 2020. Museum Jorge Rando, C/Cruz del Molinillo.

‘Mariposas’ is the title of this exhibition of works by Malaga artist Jorge Rando. The majority of the the around 100 works are in small format and were created after a visit to the mountains around the Qi Baishi Memorial Museum in China.


Malaga. Until 25 February. Sala Alfajar, C/Císter.

The exhibition entitled Éxodus consists of ceramics created at the first symposium of Hispanic Russian Ceramicists in August 2018. The exhibit has previously been taken to Alhaurín de la Torre and Granada.

Teatro Cervantes exhibition

Cervantes Exhibition.

Cervantes Exhibition.

Malaga. Until 19 June. Centro de Cultura Activa Pedro Aparicio..

The exhibition commemorates 150 years of the Cervantes theatre in Malaga. It includes everything from signed photos by Conchita Piquer, Imperio Argentina and Lola Flores, a contract to paint the ceiling to a receipt for the hiring of a dog for an event in the 1920s as well as an autograph book containing the signatures of Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia among many others.


Reyna Manescau

Reyna Manescau, Coín.

Reyna Manescau, Coín. / SUR

Coín. Permanent exhibition. Centro Cultural Reyna Manescau.

The recently opend new cultural centre is dedicated to Coín-born artist Reyna Manescau, known as the Painter of Venice. The permanent exhibition of this famous painter’s work is entitled Íntimo y Universal.

José Hernández

Villanueva del Rosario. Permanent exhibition. Casa de la Cultura.

An exhibition of art work and letters belonging to artist José Hernández. The artist gifted around 20 works to the town shortly before his death in 2013. He spent long periods at Molino El Tejar while creating his pieces.

Axarquía & Costa Tropical

Fernando de la Rosa

Fernando de la Rosa.

Fernando de la Rosa.

Vélez-Málaga. Until 20 February. Sala El Pósito.

Archidona-born artist Fernando de la Rosa is displaying a selection of his works in an exhibition entitled Transcurso. .

María Zambrano

Vélez-Málaga. Permanent exhibition. Palacio de Beniel de Vélez-Málaga. 952500244.

An exploration into the life and works of Malaga-born philosopher and writer María Zambrano.