Much more than a humble stable

One of the scenes in the Mollina museum.
One of the scenes in the Mollina museum. / A. J. Guerrero
  • The Christmas season reveals the Spanish passion for building crib scenes, which become more and more elaborate every year

Visitors often take advantage of a trip to see the Christmas lights to take in some of the elaborate nativity scenes open to the public during the holidays. Known in Spanish as a Belén (Bethlehem), each display boasts its own special features, often including models of local buildings and scenery.

In Malaga city alone there are no fewer than 51 scenes open to the public, starting with the municipal display in the city hall and passing through numerous official buildings, churches, religious brotherhoods and private businesses. Scenes can be found in town halls and other indoor and outdoor locations in the area.

Mollina, where a dedicated Belén musuem is open all year round, has renewed its display for the influx of visitors expected this holiday season.