The summer has arrived at Bioparc Fuengirola

Sengalese music and dance group, Sicobana, bring African culture to Bioparc.
Sengalese music and dance group, Sicobana, bring African culture to Bioparc. / SUR
  • The popular zoo park in Fuengirola extends its summer opening hours and introduces a variety of new activities for the season

With the arrival of the summer everyone is making exciting plans for the season. In the heart of Fuengirola's tropical jungles is Bioparc. This summer the park has extended its hours for the months of July and August. The park will remain open all day from 10am to 11pm, more than 13 hours a day, so visitors can discover the treasures that the park offers, including more than 200 different animal species.

The park has a range of activities for visitors to enjoy such as bird and mammal exhibitions where visitors can go all over the world without travelling anywhere, seeing the animals in a natural setting. With the extended hours, the shows will now be at both 2pm and 8pm throughout the summer.

This summer also sees the return of Sicobana, the Senegalese group, made up of percussionists, dancers, and choreographers. The group bring the rhythm of African dancing, instruments, history and culture to the stage. Visitors can see this popular performance everyday (except Mondays) at 3pm and 10pm.

Another notable activity is the meetings with the staff who care for the animals. The experience offers the opportunity, everyday at 12.30pm and 6pm, to ask questions about different animals, such as how many kilos of fruit and vegetables a gorilla can eat every day.

Visitors can also go to Madagascar - one of the biggest African islands- and learn about the history of the iconic baobab tree, for example, or get close-up to different species of lemurs.

Bioparc is split into four different sections; Equatorial Africa, Indo-Pacific, Madagascar Island and South East Asia, which each offer visitors the chance to see, and learn about, a variety of animals from regions of the world.