Cuban cabaret comes to life in Malaga

The cast includes 36 Caribbean performers and expert choreography.
The cast includes 36 Caribbean performers and expert choreography. / ÑITO SALAS
  • A cast of 36 artists and dancers from the Caribbean will perform in the Hotel Habana Show at Cortijo de Torres fairground

In the 1950s, Rita Valdés was the star of the Havana hotel at a time when Cuba was home to the biggest cabaret acts in the world. Luck changed, the theatre lowered its curtains and the cabaret building became home to Rita until she was evicted. It was then that Joao, the diva's nephew, organised a show to raise funds to recover the hotel's lost splendour. The Hotel Habana Show was born.

This is the story told by the organisers of the show. It is set to arrive in Malaga on 21 May and remain in the city, at the Cortijo de Torres fairground, for five weeks. The show brings together 36 Caribbean performers.

"This is a story that proves that if we're united, we can achieve our goals. In life, if you fight for something together, you can achieve it, that's the message of this show," said the director of LetsGo theatre company, Iñaki Fernández.

The production, which will be staged in a marquee, combines music, dance and circus and is aimed at family audiences.

Fernández explains that when he visited Cuba he was inspired to create this "renewed and fresh" show and recreate the "energy and magic" with the cast which is headed by Sihara Dolores Balart, who plays Rita, and for two decades was the popular face of Cabaret Tropicana on the Caribbean island.

Tickets for a show exclusively for SUR readers on 24 May, 7pm, are available from Oferplan.