Intaglio engraving courses in Spanish and English at the Museo Picasso Malaga

Learning engraving techniques.
Learning engraving techniques. / SUR
  • The museum is offering two courses of two sessions each teaching the techniques of dry point and etching on wood or metal

The Museo Picasso Malaga has organised an intaglio engraving course for adults in which they can learn dry point and etching techniques. The participants will first be shown the museum's permanent collection and the Olga Picasso temporary exhibition, then, in the workshop area, they will experiment with print techniques, led by a teacher.

Engraving covers a series of graphic techniques whose common feature is that the images are created from incisions or carvings that the engraver makes on a wooden or metal matrix. Intaglio printmaking comprises the widest range of techniques, which is why it the one most commonly used by artists. The course will look at dry point and etching, in which a sharp needle is used to work on the metal plate or matrix. From Dürer to Rembrandt and from Goya to Picasso, many great artists have used these techniques, updating them and exploiting their numerous possibilities.

This course is held in two sessions, from 5pm to 7.30pm on Thursday, 28 and Friday, 29 March in Spanish; and on Thursday, 4 and Friday, 5 April in English. The price is 50 euros per person and includes the museum visits and all the materials. There are a limited number of places.

Registration is now open online on the Museo Picasso Malaga website,