A 'seeing and touching' exhibition in Malaga

A young boy creates shapes with the projector.
A young boy creates shapes with the projector. / S. SALAS
  • The Centre Pompidou has opened a new interactive workshop where the visitor can try being the artist

A blown bulb, some elastic bands, plastic lids, a perfume bottle, a few flowers and some loose letters of the alphabet. All these can be made into a piece of art, they just need to be converted from functional items into something creative.

This is what the Centre Pompidou in Malaga is encouraging people to do in its new workshop/exhibition '¡Materiales retroproyectados!'

With the aid of light, the modified shadows of the objects can be viewed on a screen. It is an exhibition where the artist is the visitor and as such, is encouraged to touch and watch the transformation.

The main element of this exhibition is the overhead projector, a popular tool decades ago, which has been left behind by modern technology and the digital age.

But just like vinyl records, it is making a comeback and contemporary artists haven't wasted any time in rescuing this dated apparatus to use it in their visual and ephemeral creations.

The exhibition is especially suited to families and its objective is to introduce visitors to artistic creation by three methods: 'Special Effects', which encourages the use of tricks that can alter the visual image; 'Materials and Objects' which shows how the pieces and forms can be used in the composition of the designs and 'Image Support' in which the light source projects the objects onto three white grounds which serve as the base for the shadowy images.