A day of fun to celebrate the flowers of Estepona

A typical street in the old town.
A typical street in the old town. / C. MÁRQUEZ
  • The town hall has organised guided walks and an open air festival to celebrate the creation of the “garden of the Costa del Sol”

One hundred streets, 15 kilometres of road and 20,000 flower pots, are just some of the details of the overhaul of the streets in Estepona's old town under the town hall's 'Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol' project.

The plan, which started in 2012, has now reached 100 streets and to celebrate this number, the town hall has organised an open air party with live music and various activities on Saturday 14 April in the Plaza Antonia Guerrero.

The mayor, José María García Urbano, said that the project has been “a milestone” in the recent history of the town “because the old town has been converted in record time into one of the most beautiful in Andalucía and is one of the main tourist attractions in the region”.

To make the 100 remodelled streets better known, this Saturday a guided walk and a bicycle route has been organised around the old town.

The walk will start at midday and will leave from the Plaza de Blas Infante. Along the route the councillor for Historical Heritage, José María Guerrero, will keep participants informed about the archeaological discoveries that have come to light over the past six years due to the remodelling works.

The cycling route starts from the Carmen Thyssen gardens in the Parque Botánico- Orquidario at 11.30am.

The festivities in Plaza Antonia Guerrerowill begin at 1pm. There will be free tastings of traditional Andalusian and local dishes. This event will also raise money for AVOI, a charity for children with cancer, as the bar will be run by the association.

The mayor explained that Saturday would be a day for everyone who had actively participated in the Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol project as well as for anyone from other towns in the province who are interested in the initiative, “which has helped to revitalise the local economy as more and more catering and leisure businesses open in the old town”, he added.

Local marching bands will also be taking part in a parade through the town's brightest streets, whose plants will be looking their best for Saturday's festivities.