The triumph of music without limits

A scene from the show that combines various musical genres and styles from the most classical to the most contemporary.
A scene from the show that combines various musical genres and styles from the most classical to the most contemporary. / SUR
  • The show 'Music Has No Limits' returns to the Cervantes Theatre on 7 April

An aria from a well- known opera blends naturally into a rock song, a clear transgression from classical aesthetics. There are no rules. 'Music Has No Limits' (MHNL) breaks all ties to genres and styles in an eclectic show that opens on 7 April (in a double session 6pm and 9pm) at the Cervantes Theatre.

The show returns to Malaga after its successful visit last year when the auditorium was sold out.

Thirty musicians will participate in the show which is guaranteed to impact all of the audience with its visual intensity, powerful sound and by the strength of its content. The playlist links masterpieces of classical music with funk, gospel, rap and heavy metal, sopranos performing opera arias and house hits.

Singers, solo instrumentalists and expert DJs bring together the hits of stars like Michael Jackson, U2, David Guetta, Lady Gaga, Adele, Queen, Guns 'N' Roses, Bruno Mars or The Police mixed with classical composers like Giacomo Puccini or Johann Sebastian Bach.

'Music Has No Limits' comes back to the Cervantes with the same philosophy of last year but with an updated repertoire.

“'Music Has No Limits' is a living creature that does not stop growing. We update the show constantly, we add new songs to the repertoire, new effects, new surprises, technical improvements... The essence is always the same, but the show is different every day. We have the challenge of breaking the pattern of the world of music with a montage that no one else offers,” says Tomás Aldás, producer of the show.

'Music Has No Limits' is made possible by a diverse cast hailing from different backgrounds and schools, from the most prestigious education to self-taught with innate talent, and even street artists. Several members have worked in large orchestras or with well-known international artists. Specialists in production, set design and choreography, among other disciplines, complete the team which creates the “magic” of MHNL at each performance.

The show has been performed on some legendary stages including the Lincoln Centre in New York and the Teatro Real in Madrid. It was also at the Palazzo Pisani Moretta in Venice (where Carnival's exclusive masquerade ball is held) and had 200,000 people dancing at Bayfront Park in Miami.

The secret of the show? The power of live music, the constant mix of different rhythms and a performance that appeals to the emotions of those who are watching from the auditorium.

Tickets cost between 12 and 36 euros (plus taxes) and are available from the Cervantes Theatre or online (