“My work is fed by everyday things, not just the grand masters of art”

Secundino Hernández's exhibition 'Todo es mucho', opened this week at the CAC Málaga. Considered one of the best current abstract painters, he had to wait several years for his work to be recognised in this country.

This exhibition isn't a retrospective, but it is close to one. What does the title signify?

In moderation, like when a waiter tell you “that's going to be a lot”. The same thing happens here: we haven't shown everything, but nor have we done too little.

Why did you return to Spain after living in Germany for ten years?

The cycle ended. I did a decade and I think my work is well represented on an international level. Now you can work anywhere because the logistics have changed, but for me it was important to be in the centre of Europe and in contact with other contexts and artists.

You used to be more valued abroad than in your own country.

That's something you can't control. I have had the support of many collectors in the past, even before the Rubells. It's good that my work is moving. Things are easier now because the visibility is global, which it wasn't some time ago.

What influences your work?

My greatest influences are not only the grand masters, trends and schools. My work is fed by everyday things, like a painted wall in the street or a popular song, a comic or the form a line takes.