Get ready for the emotion of Semana Santa in Andalucía

Holy Week, a unique experience in Andalucía.
Holy Week, a unique experience in Andalucía. / SUR
  • Holy Week in southern Spain promises an experience for all the senses: the smell of incense, the emotion of the saeta singing and the silent devotion

With Palm Sunday just three weeks away, preparations are in full swing at the dozens of religious brotherhoods (cofradías) that will be taking their images out in procession during the Semana Santa celebrations. Thousands are involved in the processions across Andalucía, while hundreds of thousands more are finalising their holiday arrangements to make the most of the Holy Week events as spectators.

From the smallest brotherhoods in the region's many white villages to the huge operations in the provincial capitals, the Semana Santa processions attract the crowds; a mixture of devotees, hardened enthusiasts and astounded first-timers.

A stage for Passion

The streets and squares of Andalucía are soon to become the scene for an event that every year celebrates the final days, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Andalucía celebrates the Passion in a week of fervour and devotion as people follow images of great artistic value through the streets where the scene is set by the warm light of candles, the colour of the tunics and the music from the marching bands.

Around the region

Each of the region's provinces offers its own unique experiences: the emotion of the “madrugá” in Seville; the mass devotion for El Cautivo in Malaga; the journey of the Christ of the Gypsies in the hills of Sacromonte in Granada; or the solemnity of the “Santo Encierro” on Good Friday in Huelva

Other unforgettable moments include the start of the procession of “El Abuelo” from the Camarín de Jesús in Jaén; the passion in the streets of the traditional white villages of Cadiz; the silence of the streets of Cordoba, interrupted only by the singing of a 'saeta' or the sound of the bell giving instructions to the bearers; and the “meetings” of images in Almeria.

Easter holidays in Andalucía offer a unique opportunity to experience the region's most important and characteristic religious and cultural events. However this does not prevent visitors and residents from enjoying the region's other attractions, among them 800 kilometres of coastline, world-famous monuments, mountain scenery and excellent cuisine.