Twenty years on, remembering the old Malaga Museum

Anaya painting the wife of Fernando Labrada.
Anaya painting the wife of Fernando Labrada.
  • Copies of works from the old fine arts collection are on display in the Casa Sostoa gallery

Pedro Alarcón has waited nearly twenty years for the Museum of Fine Arts to return to Malaga. The last time he visited it, he was accompanied by his mother and sister and it was housed in the Palacio de Buenavista, now the home of the Museo Picasso.

Not long ago, it reopened in the Palacio de la Aduana, but it is not how Pedro, curator at Casa Sostoa remembers the museum.

“It is because of my disatisfaction with the new museum that the Casa Sostoa is having this exhibition. Walking through the Palacio de la Aduana, trying to find some semblance of the old museum, is a bittersweet sensation” he explains.

The exhibition in the Casa Sostoa includes ten of the works that used to stop him in his tracks when he was a child. The pieces are very recognisable and created by Julio Anaya Cabanding and Rafael Jiménez.

The latter paints as if his hand had swept across the painting, distorting the image like the interference on an analogue television screen.

Anaya recreates the great masters in detail, from the canvas to the frames. 'The Decapitation of Saint Paul' (Simonet) is to scale and looks like a photo of the original painting, albeit painted onto a wall covered with graffiti.