The Tabacalera's new exhibition of Russian art

Isaac Brodsky's Lenin on a Tribune.
Isaac Brodsky's Lenin on a Tribune. / SUR
  • The museum's art gallery will be closed until 10 February while it changes exhibitions

The Russian Museum in Malaga is in the process of changing its annual and temporary exhibitions which means that until 10 February the art gallery part of the museum is closed.

The new annual exhibition is entitled 'Radiante Porvenir. El Realismo Socialista Soviético' and consists of 132 art works of which 108 are on loan from the Museum in Saint Petersburg and are valued at more than 30 million euros. The collection covers the period from the 30s to the 50s, an extremely controversial time in Russia's history. The artists whose work is shown in the exhibition include Isaac Brodsky, Aleksandr Gerasimov, Olga Yanovskaya and Valetín Serov.

The museum's temporary exhibition is also being changed and from 10 February until 26 August the space will feature works by Russian artists around the world.

The collection 'La Mirada Viajera. Artistas Rusos Alrededor del Mundo' will consist of 105 pieces including works by Joseph Krachkovsky, Clement Redko, Konstantín Makovsky and Aleksandr Deineka among others.

The collection's third exhibition, also open until August, includes 13 works by Mikhail Shvartsman.