Potions, prints and crafts in Alozaina market

Isabel de las Nieves, artist and organiser of the event at last year's market.
Isabel de las Nieves, artist and organiser of the event at last year's market. / SUR
  • The Christmas market takes place this Saturday and Sunday

This year Alozaina Christmas craft market has 50 per cent more stalls than last year. Artists and artisans from the Arte y Artesanía group (created three years ago in 2015 with the first Ruta de Arte or Open Studios Art Trail) are joined by new artists and artisans from neighbouring villages.

Among the products on sale will be artworks: original and reproductions, greeting cards, ceramics, lamps, recycled jewellery, handmade jewellery, vegan raw chocolates, dried fruit and vegetables, natural beauty and hygiene products, home made remedies and potions, leather, hemp products etc.

To add to the festive atmosphere, one of the artists will be performing his repertoir of French songs on a barrel organ.

Visitors will hopefully be able to enjoy a cup of Chai tea or some mulled wine although hot drinks still need to be cleared with the town hall at time of going to press.

The Alozaina town hall is supporting the event which has been organised by Isabel de las Nieves, member of the Arte y Artesanía Group.

During the morning, between midday and 2pm, besides the market there will be children's activities in the patio or gardens next door. On Saturday, children can take their “two wheels” to the school patio to take part in a series of circuit challenges and on Sunday, two artists will be encouraging children's creativity in a open air art workshop in the gardens. The market reopens in the afternoon at 4pm and continues until late.

Future events on the agenda for the Arte y Artesanía Group include a summer, mini-festival with A Midsummer Night's Dream as the theme.

Next autumn will be the next Ruta de Arte, the group's annual Open Studios Art Trail.