Torremolinos all set for San Miguel romería this Sunday

The romería attracts thousands of people every year.
The romería attracts thousands of people every year. / SUR
  • The town is busy preparing for the romería, the pilgrimage that precedes five days of celebrations for the Feria de San Miguel, which starts on Wednesday

The realisation that the summer season has finally come to an end is further endorsed by the knowledge that there are just a handful of fairs, or ferias, left to go before autumn really sets in.

The Feria de San Miguel in Torremolinos is one of the last of the season and the town is busy preparing for the romería, the pilgrimage that precedes five days of celebrations.

This romería is the second biggest in Spain - after the pilgrimage to the shrine of El Rocío in Huelva in May - and the event usually attracts around 100,000 people from all over Andalucía.

This year, 67 gaily-decorated caravans and floats, many pulled by oxen and horses, will participate in the parade, which begins at 9.30am in the district of Los Palacios and continues through the centre and on to the pine forest via the town’s old district of El Calvario.

The gypsy-style caravan convoy trundles through Torremolinos followed by thousands of revellers who dance and sing their way along the streets. Most of the women will dress in colourful flamenco dresses, while the men will be fitted out in typical rociero-type attire: flat caps, striped pants, bright red cummerbunds and braces.

The bars and restaurants join in with the fun, decorating their establishments with bright polka dot designs and blasting traditional Sevillana music into the streets.

The procession reaches the pine forest around 1pm and the participants will pitch their plot and engage in an afternoon of unbridled fun.

Across on the fairground, the bunting-festooned bars will come alive with couples dancing rumba and Sevillanas, and the ambience is one of good old-fashioned Andalusian fun.

Around 5pm, the pilgrims continue onto the shrine of the town’s patron, archangel San Miguel, situated a few kilometres from the fairground, where a service is held in his honour. The people return there and to the forest to continue partying until the early hours.

The romería will take place on Sunday 24 September. The fair will run from the 27 September until 1 October.