Roll up for the magical musical tour

Magnet Man will bring his Barbados style reggae on Sunday 24th.
Magnet Man will bring his Barbados style reggae on Sunday 24th. / SUR
Tributes to The Who and Elvis Presley will be on Saturday 23rd.
Tributes to The Who and Elvis Presley will be on Saturday 23rd. / SUR
Roll up for the magical musical tour
  • The Music Story festival next week sees tribute bands perform classic hits by some of the most iconic bands and singers of the last 60 years

Fundraising team the Cudeca Goldies are gearing up for a two-day musical extravaganza in Benalmádena next weekend in aid of the hospice charity.

Music Story, to be held in the municipal auditorium near La Paloma Park in Benalmádena Costa on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September, features 24 local bands and entertainers, who prepare to embark on a musical journey from the 1950s until present day.

The festival offers some of the greatest hits of the world’s most iconic bands and singers, including the rebels of the rock and roll era, the psychedelic sounds of the 1960s and rock legends such as Queen, to whom the special grand finale performed by Denyse Sanchez will be dedicated.

Tribute bands have made a massive revival over the last few years - quite possibly spurred on by the string of reality talent shows that dominate our screens - and it would seem that the golden oldies of the past are what the paying audience wants to hear.

One local musician, who performs under the artistic name of Stelvis, has been performing his Elvis tribute show on the coast for the past six years. He told SUR in English that it is not just the older fans who attend his gigs.

“I find more and more youngsters come to my gigs now and most know the words to the songs and sing along - it’s incredible. I don’t think some would have been alive when he died, but Elvis’ music will always be popular,” Stelvis explained.

Stelvis, who performs his show on the coast seven nights a week, will open the Music Story festival with his tribute to the “King of Rock and Roll”.

Among the groups and singers also scheduled to perform are the Memphis Trio, Stereo 80s, Gordon Williams, Mr Maph, Stolen Gnomes, Cath Johns, Magnet Man and One Wish Steve.

Steve Hughes, alias One Wish Steve, has put together a special tribute to The Who, one of the 1960s and 70s most wild rock bands.

Steve will perform some of their most celebrated hits, including Pinball Wizard, Won’t Get Fooled Again and the teenage ‘60s anthem, My Generation. Steve will be joined on stage by four Parker-clad mods on scooters at the start of the show and his set is sure to rekindle the memory of any Quadrophenia fans in the audience.

“Everyone expects me to do the usual numbers, but I’ve been playing Who songs for many years, so I thought I would do the tribute especially for the Music Story. Most people will remember the songs like Pinball Wizard and you can’t do a tribute without including My Generation,” Steve said.

Gordon Williams, former Central FM presenter and long-time entertainer on the coast, will offer a more varied style of music during his 25-minute slot.

“I’ll do light-headed stuff, remixes and variations of pop songs. I’ll sing songs that the audience will remember the words to, because it’s better for them to get involved and sing along,” Gordon said.

Music Story promises to be a must for lovers of live music. The variety of acts booked for the event will ensure that there’s something for every musical taste.

The festival travels back to the 1950s, 60s and 70s on the Saturday night and the best sounds of the 80s, 90s and the present day have their turn on the Sunday.