Art is alive and well in the Genal valley

Arancha Goyeneche with her ‘Sticked Painting’ at the Art Museum.
Arancha Goyeneche with her ‘Sticked Painting’ at the Art Museum. / SUR
  • Pictures made with coloured thread and ceramics are now on display in the streets of Genalguacil

  • The works of Arancha Goyeneche and Fernando Renes interact in an indoor and outdoor exhibition as part of Arte Vivo 2017

Genalguacil looks like a traditional Andalusian village, full of charm, where the doors are always open and the people are friendly. However it has also become famous over the past two decades as an outdoor art gallery and the home of ‘Arte Vivo’, an art gathering which takes place every two years. Two of the artists who are taking part in this year’s event, Arancha Goyeneche and Fernando Renes, arrived last week and have already set to work.

They are participating in ‘Pintar Imaginarios’, a project curated by Juan Francisco Rueda, a teacher and art critic for SUR. It puts interior and exterior works of art in dialogue, with exhibitions inside the village’s Contemporary Art Museum (until 23 September) and outside in the streets and squares.

The works of Goyeneche and Renes immediately connect with Andalusian culture as they each specialise in ceramics and ceramic effects. Arancha paints without a brush, using coloured vinyl threads to create geometric shapes which resemble traditional Mudejar tiles, and she produces works in a whole range of sizes.

Renes uses ceramic tiles from Granada as the basis for his art, creating large bowls and items of pottery whose decoration puts across messages that may be political, social or philosophical.

Many of these works, and others from previous years, can be enjoyed just by wandering through the streets of this pretty mountain village.