A celebration of wine in Mollina

One of the most important events at the festival is the wine-tasting.
One of the most important events at the festival is the wine-tasting. / SUR
  • Wine festival comes to Mollina, 'The Land of Wine'

Mollina has an excellent reputation as a ‘land of wine’ and this is especially evident in the month of September, which is when the grapes are harvested from the vast areas of flat ground upon which vines have been grown for many decades.

This month, visitors have a wonderful opportunity to find out more about Mollina and enjoy some fun at the same time, because on the second weekend in September every year the ‘Feria de la Vendimia’, takes place: this is a festival to celebrate the successful harvest and pay tribute to the local wine-making tradition.

This year, the festival will be from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 September in this village on the Antequera plain. The grape harvest will be in full swing, as it normally finishes around the end of the month.

The programme includes numerous activities, including a wine tasting in the Plaza de Atenas. This square is the heart of the festival and more than 200 people are expected to come and sample the different wines which are produced by local ‘bodegas’.

Over the weekend, and in the days prior to the event, there will also be workshops organised by the three bodegas, or wineries, in Mollina. On Tuesday 5 September there will be a workshop about white wines at Tierras de Mollina, and on Wednesday 6 a wine-tasting workshop for beginners at Cortijo La Fuente. On Sunday 10, it will be the turn of La Capuchina winery.

Although this festival is based on wine, there are other types of activity for people to enjoy including the cycle ride through the village on the final day. There will be some unusual bicycles taking part, many of them decorated in ways which commemorate vines and wine.

This event, which will be officially inauguated with the opening speech on Friday, is like a party which goes on for three days and three nights, mainly in the Plaza de Atenas. Local wine will be flowing, and there will also be live music performances and a fantastic and friendly atmosphere.