Estrella Morente will be performing at this year’s festival.
Estrella Morente will be performing at this year’s festival. / DUR

Three cultures come together in Frigiliana this week

  • The history of Frigiliana is based on Arabic, Christian and Jewish cultures and the town celebrates with a festival that attracts thousands of visitors from Spain and abroad

The Festival Tres Culturas de Frigiliana is celebrating its 12th year and will take place from 24 until 27 August.

It has become one of the most popular festivals in Malaga province attracting people from all over Spain and abroad. Last year some 35,000 people attended the four-day festival and the town hall expects the number to be higher this time.

The festival is to promote the three cultures that make up the history of Frigiliana; Arabic, Christian and Jewish. The artists are chosen to represent all three elements.

During the day there will be processions, workshops and children’s activities. A tapas route will also form part of the event as will stalls selling local products and handmade crafts.

The main events will be the concerts which this year include two of Spain’s biggest names in flamenco - Estrella Morente and Jorge Pardo, along with the Barmer Boys from Rajasthan who have been described as “the next generation of performers that carry forward the centuries-old musical traditions of the Manganiyars and are leading examples of contemporary Rajasthani folk and Sufi music.”

Balkan Paradise Orchestra from Barcelona, Spanish group Ethnos Atramo, who describe themselves as “electro-acoustic folk and traditional but with a contemporary feel,” will also be performing.

And last but not least, Siría en Mí, which are a duo made up by Mahmoud Fares, born in Aleppo but living in Spain since 2014, and Wafir S. Gibril, who was born in Sudan, but has lived in Spain since 1990.

Between them they create voices and sounds from the Middle East, spiritual Islamic music, music from ancient Spain and traditional Syrian music.