Biznaga punk rock band. SUR
Biznaga punk rock band. SUR

Three-day Punk Festival

  • Punk rock and hardcore grunge bands will be performing at the Canela party in Sala Velvet and Sala Paris 15 in Malaga from Thursday until Saturday

More than 40 punk rock and hardcore grunge bands will perform at the eleventh edition of the Canela Party in Malaga this August. The festival will begin on Thursday 3 August in Sala Velvet, with performances by Kill Kill, Fuckaine and Cuchillo de Fuego.

The following day, visitors can enjoy the sounds of Kokoshca, Terrier and Cómo Vivir en el Campo, during a free concert in the Eduardo Ocón auditorium in Malaga.

The main event of the festival will be held in Sala Paris 15 on Saturday 5 August, when two international groups will perform their distinctive, thrashy styles of punk rock.

Holy Fuck, from Toronto, will be making their first appearance in Spain, while Metz, also from Toronto, will make their second appearance at the festival, having previously played there in 2013.

Biznaga, a leading punk rock band from Madrid will also appear. They will be performing songs from their new album, Sense of the Show. The band is renowned for its raw sound, forceful guitars and lyrics that reflect the reality of their time.

The Canela Party has the ambience of a grand fancy dress party, and the audience is continually showered with confetti as they dance the pogo and the metal mosh at the front of the stage.

Tickets cost between 30 and 40 euros and are available online or on the days of the festival.