Cultures unite at Torremolinos festival

The multicultural festival will be held in the Plaza La Nogalera.
The multicultural festival will be held in the Plaza La Nogalera. / T. B.
  • The Festival de Culturas takes place this weekend with music, art and folklore from four continents

The second edition of the Festival de las Culturas in Torremolinos will bring together 15 countries from four continents, presenting traditional folklore, arts and crafts and international cuisine.

Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Cuba, Thailand and France are among the many countries participating in the four-day festival, which began yesterday and continues until Sunday, 18 June.

A colourful parade, featuring all the countries, will begin in the Plaza Costa del Sol at midday on Saturday. Wearing traditional costume, participants will tour the streets of the town before heading to the Plaza La Nogalera to start the day’s proceedings.

A small street market will offer a variety of products from around the globe and live music and dance performances will continue throughout the day and night on the main bandstand. These will include Argentinian tango shows, Brazilian and Senegalese dancing, and Jamaican, Mexican and Indian music.

The stands will be vibrantly decorated in the participating country’s colours and will offer a wide range of culinary delights, including fragrant curries, barbecued meats and pastries. There will also be American-style food trucks selling beef burgers, hotdogs and popcorn.

A large bar and seated terrace area, shaded by 1,000 colourful umbrellas, will offer an array of exotic cocktails, chilled wines and spirits and artisan beers.

On Saturday night, American rockers, Mad Dogs, will present a Joe Cocker tribute show. The festival will climax on Sunday with a performance by Indian musician Saeed Khan.