Heat, history and tranquility

A watercolour of Cómpeta by Noel Lewis.
A watercolour of Cómpeta by Noel Lewis. / SUR

Irish artist, Noel Lewis, is starting the summer season at Galería Centro de Bellas Artes in Cómpeta with an exhibition of watercolours and oils.

Many of the paintings in the exhibition are pieces that the artist has been working on in the last year, which gallery owners John Deverell and Lisa Hurt-Jones say “demonstrate his eclectic and exciting mix of figurative bordering”.

Noel’s work is heavily inspired by Spain, Italy and his native Ireland, showing the heat of Spain, the history of Ireland and the tranquility of Tuscany.

“With a sketchbook and some watercolours I try to capture the scene in that fleeting moment in time when it is all new and exciting. When I am back in my studio, my sketchbooks inspire me to develop this work into larger paintings,” says Noel.

This is a retrospective exhibition of Noel’s work showing paintings which have been typical of his range of styles. Noel’s understanding of his subject matter make it easy to understand why his work is so well acclaimed.

The exhibition contains several well-known scenes of Cómpeta and its surrounding countryside together with paintings from a more distinctly northern climate and atmosphere.

Noel has held exhibitions in Zurich, Tuscany and Dublin as well as in other parts of Ireland. His work has been selected to be shown in selected exhibits throughout Europe. He divides his time between Cómpeta, where he has a house, and Ireland. He will be in Cómpeta for the duration of the exhibition.