Espeto music festival

Controversial rappers, Ayax y Prok, will be in Torremolinos.
Controversial rappers, Ayax y Prok, will be in Torremolinos. / SUR
  • The festival takes its name from the symbolic skewered sardines that are grilled over an open wood fire

Lovers of live music are in for an extra special treat this Saturday, 13 May, when Torremolinos presents the second edition of the Espeto Festival.

The festival, which takes its name from the symbolic skewered sardines that are grilled over an open wood fire, will be held in the town’s football stadium opposite the fairground.

The event will have a marked gastronomic character: freshly grilled sardines will be given to visitors at the start of this musical extravaganza and the popular Food Trucks will also be offering a wide range of international cuisine.

However, the main attraction will be the impressive line-up of bands and musicians that will offer an array of varying musical genres during the festival.

The Toasters, Miguel Campello, El Kanka, Hablando en Plato, and La Pompa Jonda are just a few of the artists that will be taking part.

The Toasters are one of the original American third-wave ska bands. Founded in New York in 1981, the band has released nine studio albums with labels such as Moon Ska Records and Skaloid.

They are currently on a world tour and are packing the dancehalls and clubs with their exciting style of Caribbean fused ska.

Miguel Campello, lead singer of the celebrated Spanish band, Elbicho, is considered one of the best flamenco fusion musicians of the last decade. His show consists of energetic compositions that fuse flamenco rhythms with classic rock and roll.

Another band from Malaga performing will be the celebrated Hablando en Plata. Originally known as Hombres del Hampa, ‘men of the underworld’, this group is sure to get things going with their intriguing style of rap.

The group shot to fame following the release of the album, Operación Mafia Fantástica, on which they collaborated with Frank T, a well-known rap producer and broadcaster for Radio Española

One of the more controversial acts on the programme is Ayax y Prok. These young rappers from Granada received over one million views on YouTube following the much-publicised altercation concerning the lyrics of a song that the police claimed were offensive.

The popular flamenco fusion band La Pompa Jonda will also take the stage during the festival. The group was born from the union of four musicians from Jerez de la Frontera and their music fuses the singers’ Gitano-flamenco voice with rock music, creating a style they call ‘Electro-Jondo’.

The festival will also present several local DJs who will keep the sounds pulsating in between acts.

Tickets for the Espeto Festival, which will begin at 6pm, cost 15 euros in advance or 25 euros on the door.