Juan de Juan, pictured left with guitarist Tomatito
Juan de Juan, pictured left with guitarist Tomatito / SUR

When flamenco meets art

  • Flamenco dancer Juan de Juan and artist José Medina Galeote collaborate to create a unique show

It started as a simple idea, four small cameras, one on the ankle of dancer Juan de Juan, one on the wrist of the artist José Medina Galeote, one on the wall and one on a door. Then Juan de Juan started to dance and José to paint - following each others movements with glances and with rhythm.

They had met up several times before and had discussed the joint project at length. They spent hours watching the videos that they had recorded and polishing their technique.

“The goal is to achieve total synchronisation between the dance and the cadence of the lines I draw. We got to a point where there wasn’t just timing, there was magic. This is very well-worked, very coordinated not only between us, but also with the musicians and the accompanists on stage,” said José Medina Galeote about Aura, the show that fuses dance and drawing and that next Saturday will premiere in the auditorium Felipe VI in Estepona. The show is part of the ‘Bienal de Flamenco’ promoted by the provincial council (Diputación).

“I first had this idea several years ago but the technology wasn’t there and neither had I found someone so similar to me in another artistic discipline to carry it out,” said Juan de Juan.

When flamenco meets art

José Medina Galeote


“What José does is paint my aura; it’s something that arises at that moment and stays fleetingly on the retina. Painting it immortalises that moment. It’s like a dance with paintbrushes, transmitting that same feeling, but immortalised in another dimension,” he continued.

Aura sees Juan de Juan on stage, accompanied by Joaquina Amaya, David ‘El Galli’, Antonio ‘Canito’, Paco de Amparo, Raúl Valencia and Rubén Escalona, and with Pepe Torres as guest artist. José Medina Galeote, paints to the rhythm of the dance on a tablet and his strokes then appear around the dancer and his companions.

“I’m going to work from the stalls. The work that I am doing will be projected on the background, but without shadows. The project is a technical prototype that we’re going to do live,” Medina Galeote says.

Aura, therefore arises as a narrative in which Juan de Juan and José Medina Galeote create a story through dance and painting.

“It’s a very carefully designed and very powerful set. Juan has already been approached to take the project on tour,” added the artist.