Artistic reflections

Painting-like compositions will be on show in Marbella.
Painting-like compositions will be on show in Marbella. / SUR
  • The exhibition 'Reflections on Reflections' will feature the photographic work of British artist Ginny Aston

The Magpie International Art Gallery in Marbella is to present an exhibition of photographic work by British artist, Ginny Aston.

The exhibition, 'Reflections on Reflections', which will be on show from Friday 7 April until Thursday 18 May, will present the artist's extensive portfolio of abstract, cubist, surreal and impressionist compositions.

The exhibition is the result of Ginny's travels in England, Belgium, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain and the United States.

Exclusively of reflections in water, glass, metal or highly polished surfaces, these are fleeting images as seen by the eyes of the photographer.

During the past decade Ginny has become more and more fascinated by the possibility of developing her interests in colour and form, often distorted or surreal, with photography.

With her digital camera, Ginny is obtaining unusually stunning compositions, often capturing a striking painting-like quality through the lens.

She is adamant that each image must remain exactly as it was captured by the camera, with no post-shoot modifications or enhancements.

Andalucía has been crucial to her creative development and she continues to be greatly inspired by the light and the colours of the area.

Growing up in an artistic British family and receiving an American education, Ginny Aston has been involved for many years in various forms of creativity. Early in her childhood, she was exposed to the American movement of Abstract Expressionism.

This early exposure to abstract art has had a great impact on her artistic expression and view of the world.

The Magpie International Gallery is a versatile art gallery centrally located in Calle Virgen de Pilar in Marbella.

The exhibition can be viewed from Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 8pm.