Cervantes theatre releases its schedule

The musical 'Dirty Dancing' will come to the theatre in summer
The musical 'Dirty Dancing' will come to the theatre in summer / Lighuen Desanto
  • The theatre will host a number of performances from a wide range of singers and orchestras along with various dramatic works

The Cervantes theatre has announced its schedule for the following two months, in which music features heavily alongside theatre. Highlights include performances by singers Virginia Gámez and Noa and the soundtracks of John Williams. The theatre will also host a Spanish rendition of 'Dirty Dancing', which will premiere on 12 July and will run for a month.

For music lovers, 19 February will be an unavoidable date with a concert from the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra who, conducted by Arturo Díez Boscovich, will perform John William's soundtracks for the 'Indiana Jones' and 'Harry Potter' sagas. In addition, the Hispanian Symphony Orchestra will perform on the 27 February. They will be conducted by Guy Braunstein, who led the Berlin Philharmonic for 14 years, and will feature a solo performance from Malaga-born violinist, Jesús Reina.

Virginia Gámez will perform some of her hits

Virginia Gámez will perform some of her hits / SUR

The calendar also includes a concert from Jaime Urrutia, the former lead singer of the band Gabinete Caligari, who will perform a number of his hits on 24 February. Furthermore, flamenco singer Virginia Gámez will perform on 12 March while Israeli singer Noa will unveil her new album, 'Love Medicine', on 29 March.

In terms of drama, the Cervantes theatre has reserved two dates (4 and 5 March) for 'La mentira', a comedy about relationships with Natalia Millán and Carlos Hipólito, while the variety performance 'Mármol' will feature on 22 and 23 February and will include Pepe Viyuela, who won the 'Max' prize for best actor in 2016. Andalusia Day (28 February) will also feature a re-release of 'Quejio', a show in which Salvador Távora fused flamenco and dramatic arts, last performed around 45 years ago.

Later on in the year, violinist Anna Nilsen will ensure that the fifth edition of the Malaga Clasica International Chamber Music Festival will pay homage to the gypsy culture with a programme that will show the “influence” of the rhythm and sound of the community on popular music. The event will be made up of five concerts between 31 May and 4 June and is co-directed by Jesús Reina.

Israeli singer Noa will present her new album

Israeli singer Noa will present her new album / J. C. Caval

However, by far the biggest spectacle in the calender to date is the Spanish rendition of 'Dirty Dancing'. After the success of 'Les Miserables' and 'Mamma Mia', the theatre will end its schedule before summer with a musical for the third consecutive year, with performances starting on 12 July and continuing for the best part of a month.