At the cutting-edge of art

Diego Santos with his 'Pareja Española'.
Diego Santos with his 'Pareja Española'. / Paula Hérvele
  • Local artist Diego Santos examines artistic trends in his latest Malaga show

From pure cubism to the 90s, from Georges Braque to Kate Moss and from René Magritte to Marilyn Monroe, the Malaga artist Diego Santos examines these artistic trends through a series of twenty-seven creations.

Part of the tour in the series is the 'Guitarra y violin', where Santos addresses "the obsession of Picasso and Braque over musical instruments". Here, Santos offers a "game of geometry" from the "pure" approach of the avant-garde. Only black, red and blue are used in compositions that present a two-dimensional "mural sculpture" by Santos.

The next stop along the way involves an encounter with Josephine Baker, who serves as the protagonist for the series dedicated to art deco with Santos' 'Pareja Española'.

The piece 'Desnudo con Máscara', created in 2004, marks the final part of the project. The naked woman links the curves of Picasso at his most sensual with the mask which Santos uses to evoke the Russian avant-garde.

Oil and charcoal on paper and other pairings of media. A surrealist picture. Another inspired by pop. And yet another straight out of the 90s. Diego Santos has spent the last two years traversing the history of art and leaving his own mark on it.