The Andalusian landscapes of Eugenio Chicano

Eugenio Chicano in front of one of his art works.
Eugenio Chicano in front of one of his art works. / ÑITO SALAS
  • An exhibition of the local artist's views of the region's diverse countryside is on display in Malaga until 5 February

The exhibition by Malaga artist Eugenio Chicano consists of 32 canvases created over the last five years.

Eugenio Chicano celebrated his 81st birthday shortly before Christmas and he walks with the help of a stick but he is often already in his studio by 11am in the morning and his enthusiasm for his art has resulted in his latest exhibition at MUPAM (Museo del Patrimonio Municipal).

The 32 works were selected from 96 sketches that he made in different areas of Andalucía. The project started when a friend gave him back a painting for his birthday that he had painted when he was just 18, a view of Vélez-Málaga. And then another year, another painting, this time of La Pelusa in El Palo. Chicano began to consider returning to painting landscapes which he hadn't done since he was a young man.

"At the time landscapes weren't at the cutting edge and I wanted to be at the forefront, the avant-garde. It hasn't been easy but it has been a delight," confessed Chicano.

His pictures express the variety of the landscape of Andalucía, the browns, blues and greens, the mauves and purples, some yellow that blends to bronze. Here there are no stories of the clichéd romantic travellers of the 19th century. No scenes of bandits, gypsies or ambushes in gorges and caves of an imposed folklore.

Chicano's canvases exude the sun that embraces and burns, the modernity and the tradition without stereotypes.

After Malaga, the exhibition will spend two years travelling to various points in Andalucía with the Foro de los Consejos Sociales de las Universidades Públicas de Andalucía.