Concerts, festivals, theatre and dance

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All genres of music are represented in numerous concerts and recitals across the province from jazz, techno and rock to spiritual, flamenco and music to reduce stress. Almuñécar is holding a Greek-Latin theatre festival with plays based on works by Sophocles and Plato


Repullo's geometric anarchy at Bezmiliana

The local artist will be showing a collection of 19 retrospective, abstract and figurative pieces until 17 September, in his first exhibition since 2011.



Summer concerts, theatre and dance

The summer cultural events continue with live music and festivals up and down the coast as well as flamenco and contemporary dance, theatre and a drag show.

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A full programme of events in Malaga

The cultural events planned this summer in Malaga include live music concerts of all music genres, thetheatre, dance and a flamenco puppet show

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