Travel in a post-coronavirus world

Travel in a post-coronavirus world
  • There is no shame in dreaming about a holiday, or even planning your next trip during this lockdown; travel is one of life's most enriching activities

  • Domestic travel will be the first to feel the bounce-back after the lockdown laws are relaxed

With many countries in some form of a state of emergency, citizens under 'lockdown' and borders closed, this doesn't seem to be the time to think about travel. The unrelenting news coverage of the tragic impact upon health and livelihoods of Covid-19 reminds us to be grateful for health, our loved ones and the simple things in life.

Yet travel and tourism is one of the world's most important industries, a driver of wealth and opportunity. There is no shame to continue to dream about a holiday, or even plan your next trip. Travel is one of life's most enriching activities. The world will overcome the threat of Covid-19, and borders will open again, and freedom of national and international movement will be restored.

Covid-19 has already become the biggest challenge to face the hospitality and travel sectors in living history. Greater than terrorism, more damaging than the financial crisis. Some businesses may not survive; and those that do will be leaner, with airlines offering fewer routes.

Local, domestic travel

So inevitably domestic travel will surely be the first to feel the bounce-back after the 'lockdown' state of alarm laws are relaxed. We will be eager to escape the confinement of our homes and enjoy the freedom of a short break in Andalucía. So why not indulge in a little daydreaming and plan a Spanish escapade for later this year?

International travel might remain curtailed for longer than domestic travel. When it is permitted to visit other countries, many of us might feel, understandably, uneasy about booking a trip abroad, especially after seeing how fast circumstances have changed in the last few weeks. So maybe consider using a travel designer or travel agent for your first international trip after this crisis. Travel professionals are well-placed to help make last minute changes and protect your booking.

Start planning

In the meantime, let's not stop dreaming of discovering new destinations. Let's keep planning. Scrolling through a travel Instagram feed online or clicking through Pinterest boards can offer a welcome respite from the cruel realities of the present. And when we regain our freedom let's make those plans a reality and keep tourism alive.