Ministry of Health is considering a smoking ban at large outdoor events

  • It was announced this week by Spain's General Health Secretary, Faustino Blanco

Spain's General Health Secretary, Faustino Blanco, announced this week that the Ministry of Health is considering extending the smoking ban to outdoor events which are attended by large numbers of people, such as concerts and sporting matches, and wants to prohibit smoking on public transport as well as privately-owned vehicles when children are among the passengers.

Speaking at the presentation of a report into Spanish anti-smoking laws over the past 30 years, Blanco said that the two main laws which have been introduced in recent years have shown "significant results" in reducing the number of smokers, but there is still a need for more smoke-free areas and coordinated strategies by the health service to help people give up smoking.

The idea of banning smoking at outdoor events and in vehicles is still in the early stages, but tobacco is the principal preventable cause of death in Spain, and exposure to smoke has to be reduced, he said.