Estepona teenager makes a name for herself in endurance horse riding

Jazmin on Misty.
Jazmin on Misty. / E. Beccar Varela
  • Thirteen-year-old Jazmin Grahm looks set for a bright future and is already giving her mother, former Andalusian champion Caroline, a run for her money

Thirteen-year-old Jazmin Grahm from Estepona looks set for a bright future in endurance horse riding and is already giving her mother, former Andalusian champion Caroline Grahm, a run for her money.

Jazmin has spent her whole life around horses as Caroline, who is originally from Lancashire in England, runs Ranch Siesta Los Rubios in Estepona. The teenager, who already has years of showjumping experience, began competing in endurance riding this winter. In December, she earned a place on the Andalusian youth team after impressing at a 40km event in Cadiz. This led to her competing in the inter-regional competition in Badajoz later that month. Unfortunately, Jazmin could not finish this race because her horse slipped, though the Andalusian team finished second overall.

The youngster, however, has some way to go to emulate mum Caroline's success. The elder Grahm won the 2018 and 2019 Andalusian horse and rider titles at both 60km and 80km distances. Last weekend, the mother and daughter duo both competed at an event at Puerto Real in Cadiz. Jazmin rode an Arabian horse called Misty, trained by Yeguada Sultan, who are also her sponsor. In what was her first 60km event, Jazmin actually rode 67km, finishing second and winning the prize for best-condition horse.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that she was the youngest competitor taking part and finished a place ahead of her mother.

These early successes will no doubt stand her in good stead in her quest to become an international competitor.