Judicial administrator to stay at the helm of Malaga for at least three more months

José MAría Muñoz.
José MAría Muñoz. / SUR
  • José María Muñoz's position has been strengthened as the Al-Thani family suffered a new setback in court

Malaga. The Al-Thani family's bid to regain control of Malaga CF suffered a new setback this week as the provincial court dismissed the complaint put forward by the family's lawyers. They argued that placing the club under judicial administration was unnecessary and called for the return of former chief executive Richard Shaheen.

The rejection of this appeal saw administrator José María Muñoz's position strengthened. Muñoz will now remain at the helm until at least August (he was appointed for six months) as he aims to get the club back on a firm financial footing.

In a long-awaited press conference at La Rosaleda on Monday, Muñoz criticised the running of the club until his arrival: "The structure at the club was unsustainable in Segunda [...] We're in breach of the salary cap rule and had four [transfer] windows to fix it [and didn't]."

He went out to outline the measures he was taking to help balance the books and once again reiterated his stance that should the Al-Thani family return the money they owe to the club (a figure he says is around six millions euros), among other measures, "Malaga would have no financial problems next season."

Repayment plan

Responding to a request for a repayment schedule for the debts last week, the lawyers representing the sheikh and his sons said that they could pay back the money in monthly instalments of 30,172 euros. This, however, would mean the debt would only be repaid after more than a decade - much slower than Muñoz says is needed.

The Association of Minority Shareholders (APA), who brought forward the case against the sheikh, argues that this isn't acceptable and has called on the judge investigating the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz, to reject the plan and seize the sheikh's assets in Spain instead.