The Al-Thani family's debt to Malaga CF totals five million euros

Nayef, Rakan and Nasser Al-Thani, in a file photo.
Nayef, Rakan and Nasser Al-Thani, in a file photo. / Ñito Salas
  • Judicial administator José María Muñoz insists that the return of this money is key to the survival of the club

The money owed by the Al-Thani family to Malaga football club totals more than five million euros, SUR understands. These loans taken out, over the course of several years, have become a major issue for both the court investigating the family's management of the club, but also the club's immediate future.

The judge in charge of the case, María de los Ángeles Ruiz, has already asked the sheikh and his children to produce a repayment schedule for this significant debt.

José María Muñoz, the judicial administrator in charge of operations in the absence of ousted president Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani, has stated that the repayment of these loans is key for the club to remain solvent in the coming months.


Following the resignation of Moayad Shatat as vice-president in 2015, the children of the sehikh took on a more pronounced role in the club's hierarchy with Nayef, Rakan and Nasser all gaining roles on the board.

From that moment, certain expenses were paid in the form of loans from the club. When they started to receive a salary for their contribution to the board of directors, some of that money was set aside to pay off the loans. In fact, more than 750,000 euros was paid back using this system. However, this soon disappeared and repayments on their debts ceased, leaving a significant sum unpaid.

According to the report published by Muñoz, up until June last year, the debt accumulated by the family totalled more than five million euros. The majority of that is owed by the sheikh's company, NAS Football (3.7 million euros); the sheikh himself directly owes one million and the rest is made up of interest.