Segunda clubs looking into reducing player wages by up to 20 per cent

The Malaga squad at their last game before the suspension.
The Malaga squad at their last game before the suspension. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The measures would depend on if, and how, the season is finally concluded

With many clubs' finances finely in the balance even before the coronavirus crisis hit, action now could be the difference between several staying afloat or not. Following a videoconference held between representatives of all of the teams in Segunda (attended by Malaga administrator José María Muñoz), a number of measures were discussed that could be taken as a collective.

According to SUR sources, one was that players' wages could be reduced by 20 per cent across the board in the event that the season is written off and no more games are played. Another proposal was that wages would still be reduced, by 10 per cent, if games went ahead but behind closed doors.

More than a quarter of the season, some 11 match days, are yet to be resolved.

LaLiga chief Javier Tebas, who oversaw the meeting, made it clear that the organising body would back any collective decision made but insisted that it would still be down to the individual clubs to come to arrangements with their players.