David Cubillo: "The league has to be completed; even if it's in August"

David Cubillo on the sideline.
David Cubillo on the sideline. / J. R.
  • The Marbella coach doesn't believe league action will resume until at least May or June

Marbella's push for promotion has been postponed by the coronavirus outbreak, with players forced to train at home while being monitored remotely by the club's coaching staff.

Leading these efforts is head coach David García Cubillo who has remained in the town, separated by the lockdown from his wife (in Madrid) and children (in Badajoz) but is "calm" about the situation and is keeping himself "busy, working".

"I'm keeping the same routine as always and am making the most of the extra time to come up with new training routines, study tactics and our upcoming opponents," he said.

Asked when he thought the league would return, he dismissed suggestions of an April restart: "It will be more like May or June and we'll have a whole lot of games at once, playing on the Wednesday then the Sunday," he said.

"We will have a long break but the league has to be completed, even if it's in August."