New advisers take control of Malaga from a distance

  • There is speculation about who the new CEO will be but several candidates are said to be under consideration

Important changes are expected in the organisation of Malaga CF, and within a few weeks there could be a new CEO, probably selected from several candidates currently under consideration.

New advisers are controlling the club at the moment and are in direct contact with Sheikh Al-Thani. In fact, the executives who work in the offices at La Rosaleda have reduced their capacity to take decisions even more and it is the president and his new trusted men who have the final word.

Al-Thani has advisers in London, Washington and Madrid, and it appears that Owen Lynch, from Britain, is dealing with most matters and is seen as the consultant who is closest to the sheikh. He is the top candidate to take over as CEO, but not the only one. Consultant Richard Shaheen is another.

He spent several weeks in the offices in Malaga to analyse the company's situation, then passed his reports to the sheikh, with whom he keeps in contact from the USA. He knows the financial situation and the economic problems the club has to overcome. A third option is former CEO Vicente Casado, who is said to be on good terms with the sheikh nowadays.

Meanwhile, the Junta de Andalucía's Minister for Sports, Javier Imbroda, has expressed his concern at the club's problems and says the regional government wants to help in some way if it can. He agrees with the mayor of Malaga, who has written to Sheikh Al-Thani to suggest a meeting.