José Herrera announced as new Femenino coach and promises "a bold Malaga side"

Herrera during his official presentation last Friday.
Herrera during his official presentation last Friday. / Germán Pozo
  • The new man at the helm hopes to create a team which will be "competitive" in the newly restructured second tier

The rebuilding process for Malaga Femenino took a major step forward last Friday with the presentation of new coach José Herrera.

Playing style

When asked about his playing style, Herrera said: "Until now my teams have always been very passionate and with a well set-up defence. But now we have to see how we can set up with the squad that we have." He also stressed that he expects his players to be flexible and adapt to different rhythms and scenarios.

Energy, commitment and competitiveness are the three pillars on which the project will be based, he said. "We are going to work tirelessly. We will see a very bold Malaga side."

The coordinator of the women's team, Mario Rueda, accompanied Herrera to the press conference and was keen to keep expectations in check.

"We mustn't put so much pressure on ourselves by talking about promotion. Of course the objective is to go up but the first thing is to create a group, a family," he said.

The players, who have already been in dialogue with the new coach, are expected to report back for pre-season training on 1 August.