A local winner as a new era begins

More than 7,000 people took part.
More than 7,000 people took part. / ÑITO SALAS
  • Cristobal Ortigosa was first across the line as the Malaga Half Marathon took a new route, starting from the Paseo del Parque instead of the athletics stadium

Some 7,500 runners took to the streets for the Media Maratón Teatro Soho Caixabank Ciudad de Málaga on Sunday morning - this year following a completely new route.

Traditionally starting and finishing at the athletics stadium, the 29th edition was moved to the heart of the city and to the Paseo del Parque and had the added luxury of taking in the red carpet laid out around the historic centre for the Film Festival.

However, the biggest changes were on the podium where seven-time winner and favourite Abdelhadi El Mouaziz had to make do with second place, falling behind 30-year-old Cristóbal Ortigosa from Villanueva del Rosario (also from Cueva de Nerja-UMA) who recorded a time of one hour, five minutes and 24 seconds. This was the first time since 2010 that a 'Malagueño' has won the race. Daniel Pérez (Club Atletismo Málaga) came in third.

Among the women there was a local flavour too as Janine Lima (Club Atletismo Málaga) came in first with a 1h21:50, followed by Mónica Ballesteros (Rincón Fertilidad Vélez) just seconds later.

There was a fun family atmosphere enjoyed by numerous nationalities all brought together for diverse causes.