Combining World Cup fever and a traditional interactive pastime

Ian with his children Max and Carmen.
Ian with his children Max and Carmen. / SUR
  • A primary school teacher has produced a game which brings together his two passions: football and getting children away from screens

A football-mad expat has designed and marketed a new dice game aimed at helping children learn while having fun - the traditional way.

Ian Holden, originally from Bolton, moved to Marbella three years ago and the idea for the game grew out of his love for football and playing board games with his family.

Ian and his wife, Angela, and two children, Carmen and Max, enjoy walks on the beach, playing and watching sports, reading and watching movies together. As a primary school teacher and parent, Ian has employed different methods to motivate and inspire children throughout their educational years. He has used many tried and tested methods, as well as some new and innovative schemes. One of his main objectives was to create a sociable alternative to playing on electronic devices.

"Over the years, I have tried to think of new ideas for engaging children in the school curriculum, and in particular some hard-to-reach boys. I normally arrive at two passions of mine: games and football," Ian explained to SUR in English.

With that in mind, and with the help of family and friends, Ian designed a new fast-paced, socially-interactive game called Football Dice, which does not involve looking at a screen. Ian launched the football- theme game on Amazon to coincide with the World Cup and he thinks that it will become a hit with youngsters and adults alike.

The game is based around international teams and is played by simply rolling and following the commands on the dice.

"I think any children who are not familiar with more traditional games will love the novelty of having something tactile and socially interactive to play with," Ian said.