Rafael Nadal's reign continues as he wins his 11th French Open

Mallorca-born Nadal clutches his trophy.
Mallorca-born Nadal clutches his trophy. / EFE
  • The Spaniard made history on Sunday afternoon when he beat Dominic Thiem at Roland Garros, Paris, and claimed the same Grand Slam title for the 11th time

Rafael Nadal's reign as world number number one was renewed once again yesterday as he won 6-4 6-3 6-2 in straight sets against the Austrian Dominic Thiem to claim his 17th Grand Slam title.

The Mallorca-born tennis player came out strong in a nail-biting first set, where he managed to edge the lead. His confidence grew during the second set, which he was able to win more comfortably.

A bout of cramp during the third set did did not faze the 32-year-old too much. Nadal dominated and went on to beat the world number eight, Thiem, and maintain his champion status. The win took him two hours and 42 minutes.

Twenty-four-year-old Thiem showed a few nerves during the first two sets and made mistakes with his usually skilful backhand.

Rafael Nadal is the first man to win the same Grand Slam title 11 times. The only other player to do so was Margaret Court, who won 11 Australian open titles between 1960 and 1973.

However, after so many French Open titles, Nadal shows no sign of getting accustomed to victory: "It is a dream to win 11 times," he said.